December 18th, 2011


ONE PIECE, Usopp reviving Sanji: the man Ueda aspire to be...

ONE PIECE, Usopp reviving Sanji: the man Ueda aspires to be... hehehe
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So remember Tatsuya's perverted manual entry (manual 56) in which he shamelessly attached this philosophy to his life:

"If I can't continue living as KAT-TUN, I want to die looking at women with perverted eyes". *smh*

(Laughs) Well I found it! or rather episode 526 of One Piece to which he was referring to was finally aired a few weeks back - I haven't read the manga so I don't know what chapter but OMG, Sanji was horrible! This scene is a must watch!

Upon seeing Robin and/or Nami, his nosebleeds just started to spray like the most natural thing - and now he's terribly suffering from too much blood loss - blame his lady lust...
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