March 15th, 2011


PICSPAM~~~Kat-tun x NewS x Arashi [#prayforjapan]

I'm so happy right now... like real happiness since Friday [until I watch/read the news again later] but.... First off, someone commented on a post in my journal saying that because of that post, they are now a KAT-TUN Fan (^_^) YAYY!!!!.... I am just so happy being able to spread the KAT-TUN LOVE.... I just want to go crazy spamming now heehhehe.... Thank you guys for your support!!!

Ok, and on to the PicSpam, following my "Project Getting to Know NewS" and "Project Getting to Know Arashi" my picspams no longer include just KAT-TUN.. but single pics of my ichibans or person of interest from the other groups... So I'm finally getting to know more my beloved MatsuJun, and surprisingly, although I still fall over YamapI, obviously because he's hot,  my new NewS ichiban is now Shige *smiles* honestly, I'm just getting to know him through his interviews and essays, but whenever I read them my heart warms and my mind tingles at his deep thinking... so now I need to see him in lives and dramas or variety shows to confirm if he's truly the person I imagine him to be...  

Nakame - I bet they are ganging up on Koki again  ne ^)^

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