February 27th, 2011


ONE PIECE will hold a national dome tour!

So it just so happened that today I saw this article/interview in kattunlove where Kame campared KAT-TUN to the Straw Hat Pirates, and how they are in this (making kat-tun work) together.... and how, the ONE PIECE Manga kept him through his hard times - with Jin leaving etc and how him seeing how Luffy looking out for this nakamas (friends), gave him the strength and the motivation to hold on to kat-tun and make things work regardless of the changes happening within the group....  I smiled as  read it because if KAT-TUN really perceive themselves as the Straw Hat Pirates - and me knowing how tight knit those 9 baka pirates are.... then with this interview I'm reassured that KAT-TUN is here to stay and will only improve to bigger and better things.... 

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