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Hiroobi! KAT-TUN's Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru [promo]

sakai dame
This time around... all (5) are carrying guns~ lol I'm so freaking excited!

20120824 ひるおび! KAT-TUNの世界一ダメな夜!
Length: 1:19min
Download: MF :: RS
credit: icecream223@tudou ------> ripped & converted by me

ps...  PLEASE STOP 'HOTLINKING!' Do not link directly to my MF account links! .... I really do not wish to start locking my journal again, as well as to password protect every file... besides, with my last MF account being suspended, and by extension your files now dead... lesson should have been learnt! 
Tags: download: video, kat-tun, tv shows

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