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20100701 KAT-TUN – Interview (with C.N.Blue MinHyuk) + D-MOTION Performance @ Mnet Mcountdown

I've reuploaded KAT-TUN's chat and performance of D. Motion performed on Mnet Countdown, during the Korean segment of their No More Pain World Tour in 2010.

I've replaced the dead megavideo and fileserve link with MF.

Link is here

But I'd like to make a request.... for your sake, my sake, the sake of new fans, KAT-TUN's sake and heaven's sake, if you do happen to be browsing through my journal or any journal or community and come across a dead/broken link... at least tell me or whoever is in charge. Chances are I still have the video and I'll reupload it (same may go for others)...  it's that simple... everyone is happy!

I know many folks just download things and be on their dainty way but at least let us make an effort to keep the file-sharing process going.
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