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23 June 2012 @ 03:03 pm
Runaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~ Ep. 09  

Runaway Ep. 09 soft subs (final) - Masterpost update here
Huge Thank You to [info]fanofta for providing the subs, originally posted here with accompanying rules and supporting notes.

Revised subs have also been added for ep. 06 and ep. 08.

Have fun!

Runaway is really an awesome drama!

Next Stop! "Boys on the Run" ;-)

(c) Gif. flipangel_88
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mocoharuma: Tenjo Nightmocoharuma on June 23rd, 2012 11:45 pm (UTC)
kyahhh completed! great...thanks sweetie, thanks to fanofta, love this jdo so much made me cry again.. otsukaresamadeshita