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Why did you get Junno a fridge Uepi?

Kame is the one talking... so Junno had no reason to be starker staring at Uepi from the corner of his eyes! God, I love it! And this happened about the time Nakai? asked how members choose their preferred birthday present... the whole anonymity of the game... and then for some reason, Junno looked over at Uepi, and well, we all know how Uepi hates to lose but also how Junno will pamper him to win... I'm just saying,

.... JunDa..... suspicious! though I can't remember whose present Junno had chosen... but it's obviously not Uepi's since I can't remember >.<

Happy Sunday/Monday!

20111128 coming soon - I'm finally finding time to properly watch these performances >.<
Tags: fangirl-ing, junda

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