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where's there's JunDa... happiness blooms~

20120403 KSDnY
seelenlicht sent me this gif. with a lil note that got me nodding and grinning like a fool; because my JunDa radar went ringing like crazy... she said:

How Uepi firstly looks up at him and starts to grin like "that`s my Junno... .

... and the more I look at it, it's the more I see an assumed truth behind her words...
the 'that's my Junno' bit with 'that stare' ----> Tatchan seems so proud and possessive >.<
*and I kept grinning, needing to roll on the floor with happiness*

seelenlicht, Thank you... you made me laugh first thing this Saturday morning ;-)
Tags: fangirl-ing, junda

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