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Pain, Oh Beautiful Pain with Baseball Kame~

Awww, lovely view *grab my brain out the gutter*
Having lost in a dash race, Kame falls to the ground gracing us with this view :-) Anyway it was funny how he lost even after he did a false start hehe everyone was laughing at him... too cute!


Kame admiring the 'power' of another Pro in swinging the bat and hitting the ball... I'm reminded of this interview I read (translated by nono96) in which Egawa, Kame's GoSpo co-host, said that if Kame was bigger in body (height etc), then he could have been a Pro-baseball player - because power/body mass is necessary and which is why Kame got a bit bulky for his home-run project. Sometimes I wish he was a pro-baseball player in truth, but then,I also need him in KAT-TUN (yeah I'm selfish and greedy) >.<

God! I love rare stares such as this... the fierce seriousness of it all is sexy and thrilling!

The start of his training - he was so genki (energetic/eager)... until

How can he still look this attractive when in pain?....
or maybe I'm just really a sadist - hehe I kept laughing at him and thinking, 'aww so beautiful'

Oh you should hear his moaning... enough to drive anyone crazy hehe
anyway, I loved how they were cheering him on shouting, "Kamenashi-kun". You could see how much he appreciated it.

Ueda-san (Kame's GoSpo co-host) seems to like seeing Kame in pain as well for he kept repeating: 'egao egao [smile... smile]' - basically he was teasing Kame in the sense that he's obviously not in enough pain for him to still be smiling >>

Ohhh, I should frame this! I could stare at this forever and keep smiling - such a beautiful pain

hehe fangirls are strange cruel Beings~
Episode capture: 20120129 Going! Sports&News - Kamenashi Kazuya - Guam beach training

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