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I Want Another Tatchan Onsen Episode on Kyoukasho ! and so did Chris.

Remember this 20110920 episode of Kyoukasho ni Nosetai? It's the one with Tatsuya getting onsen lessons? That’s the same one in which the studio audience/guests (including Chris - the guy with the red circle around him) went crazy when Tatsuya ‘ripped’ his shirt off and graced us all with his beautiful muscles – so sexy, someone could have died from excessive nosebleed.

Then you must remember this 20111213 episode of KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetakunaru? While everyone else saw Tatsuya for the Swindler he was in how he convinced Koki to buy a super expensive Jacket for Junno’s birthday *grins – JunDa - grins again *, Chris was the only one who was impressed with Tatsuya’s skill… waving his ‘manetai’ plaque and beaming as brightly as if in reminiscence of naked Tatchan on Kyoukasho.


Well I don't know (watch both episodes to find out), but since then I think Chris became Tatsuya's sworn fanboy... and maybe if he had ovaries, they would have exploded like that of a crazy and pervy fangirl.

My super pervy post from the episode of Kyoukasho can be found: here *grins naughtily*

Happy Sunday!

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