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Never Let You Go, Never Let You Go

Ultimate Wheels~~~~~~~ it's been around for some time so I know of it and I've also listened to it once or twice but it was never really a hit with me until this performance when KAT-TUN really rolled out the "Ultimate Wheels" on Music Station...... I LOVED IT!!!! Even now as I'm writing this post, the song is still banging in my head :)))

So of course seeing the boys' performance was like ecstasy, just seeing them singing and performing like they are having fun changes everything!  The dance was free and happy and the background with light and shadow was WOW... very effective!

Everyone was looking hot (AS ALWAYS), and of course without fail, I have to make mention of Kame and his never ending sexiness *_*. I really do look forward to the Full PV..... February 2nd, get here already!!!!!!

DL Ultimate Wheels~~~~
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