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Predator Kame on KameDa Fridays *-*

My thoughts on this photo:
  1. Kame, why you so even with Tatchan?
  2. Poor Tatchan, having Kame hanging on to you like a predator, but it's a pity you can't see his seductive lips ... I would take them any time >.<
  3. *Sighs*, Tatsuya, I do envy you... an embrace from Predator Kame must be magical
  4. Kame is probably feeling all of Tatchan's perfect muscles - I envy him...
  5. But in any case, I'm jealous of them both... and who's crazy not to?!
Anyway, conrepos on twitter has it that Kame fell off the truck during the 'White' performance at the Osaka (Mar/02) concert. He was a bit too hyper :-), but he's OK... so it's still a Happy Friday! source

Be careful KAT-TUN, Enjoy the cons and be careful!

And another good news: Junno will be in another drama 'Legal High' starting in April *I hope this gets confirmed soon* (Confirmed: source) - Junno will be playing some mystery character :-)

(pic cr.) tumblr, katakana
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