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"Shuuji to Akira went drinking", The Tomohisa Yamashita (Interview Translation)

As featured in the TV Guide (Kanto version) January 22 – 28, Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi) answered 50 questions regarding his new single 'Hadakanbo' and his daily life.... see what he and Kamenashi Kazuya have been up to!

Tomohisa Yamashita’s new single “はだかんぼー (Hadakanbo)” has been released!!  With such a big-impact title, we decided to throw 50 questions at Yamapi to bare more about himself.

Q1. Tell us about your new single “Hadkanbo”!

A. We’re seeing gloomy times right now so I hope lots of people, not only businessmen, but also women and the old and young can sing this song.  Please sing it at karaoke or at parties.  Go with the flow, it’s not that hard, and sing it to let out all kinds of stress!  But just a warning, there are lots of “脱いで脱いで(take it off, take it off)” repeats, but please try to keep it to throwing things off your heart (laughs).  I’ll leave that to your mature judgement, thank you!  I went into the recording with a bare heart (laughs).

Q2. What did you do yesterday?

A. I went out for drinks with Kazuya Kamenashi after we finished worked together.  Along with a number of big stars who invited us out.  We were able to spend time with a lot of our seniors.  Actually…it was more like we invited ourselves (laughs).  It was so fun!

Q3. In general, what do you do on your days off?

A. In general, I don’t have days off.  But if I did…I’d probably just go to the gym

Q4.  What’s the one word that describes your personality?

A. Competitive!

Q5. “You may not know it, but I’m really ____” – fill in the space.

A. “not a morning person”.  But I guess everyone already knows that (laughs).  Then how about this?  I may look boring but I’m actually a fun person.  No, really, if you talk to me I’m actually quite funny.

Q6. What phrase do you keep using?

A. “マジで (majide, seriously)”.

Q7. What’s your shoe size?

A. 27 cm.

Q8. Ideal body weight?

A. 61 kg.  But right now I’m 60 kg!

Q9. Book you read recently?


Q10. TV show you always watch.

A. I literally can’t manage catching the same show all the time but I watch “お願い!ランキング (Onegai! Ranking)” show’s “美食アカデミー (Bishoku Academy)” sometimes.

Q11. What movie would you recommend?

A. It has to be “Ashita no Joe”.  Since it’s that time…please! (laughs)

Q12. What song are you heavily rotating for recently?

A. That has to be…AKB48′s “Heavy Rotation” right (laughs).

Q13. First CD you ever bought was?

A. Seriously, it was “Midnight Shuffle” by Matchy (Masahiko Kondo) and “そばかす (Sobakasu)” by JUDY AND MARY.

Q14. What video game are you into these days?

A. Soccer’s “Winning Eleven”.  But I haven’t had much time to play it lately…

Q15. What’s the last thing you bought that you liked a lot?

A. Ummm, lately I have not been shopping.  It would have to be the time I bought some sushi to eat (laughs).

Q16. What’s your favourite onigiri flavour?

A. cod roe!

Q17. Where can you relax the most?

A. In my bed!

Q18. If you could go on a long holiday, where would you go?

A. Ummm, I want to go to the Maldives.

Q19. What’s your favourite colour?

A. I love all colours, they each have their own characteristics.  But if I had to choose, then…white or black I guess.

Q20. What’s your favourite season?

A. Spring and summer!

Q21. What’s your favourite time of the day?

A. Anytime other than the morning.  Between 7 and 8 in the morning, no, 9am, no, from about 7 to 10 in the morning I am really useless (laughs).

Q22. What’s the average number of hours you spend sleeping?

A. Lately it’s been about 5 to 6 hours.

Q23. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

A. Uhhh, open my eyes! (laughs)  Then, wash my face.  Because it helps me wake up.

Q24. When you wash your body, where do you start?

A. I wash my neck first.  Because it’s logical to wash yourself from top to bottom.  I’ll start from the neck and make my way down.

Q25. What’s your charm point?

A. My hands!  My hands are like, small and ugly.  But that’s what I think makes them special (laughs).

Q26. What makes you think it’s good to be a guy?

A. I’ve never been a woman so I’m not really sure but I am glad to be a guy!  I think.  What if I were re-born?  I’d still be a guy.  I’m happy with being a guy.  If I turned into a girl…it’d be kind of scary.  There are so many things I don’t know about being a girl.

Q27. As a guy, what do you think makes a man cool?

A. Someone who’s fit and is nice to people.  I’m nice to girls.  I’m also nice to guys.  Men have to be nice!

Q28. What can people do to become as cool as you?

A. How am I supposed to know (laughs).  Can we skip this question!  Just use all of your energy to stand up to the things that lie between you and your goals.  I think that’s cool.  I’m always giving 100 per cent at work.  That’s all.  Can we stop these questions, I’m getting embarrassed.

Q29. What kind of clothes do you wear in your home?

A. I stay in my normal clothes right until I go to sleep.  I only go home to sleep anyway.  It’s a hassle…When I sleep I’m either wearing a T-shirt and shorts, or pajamas.  Something really normal.

Q30. What kind of woman do you like?

A. Someone who is nice and has an amazing smile.  Oh, and doesn’t get angry too often!

Q31. What do you like to drink?

A. Beer!

Q32. What do you always order at the izakaya?

A. Hiyayakko (cold tofu)!  Even in the winter.

Q33. What happens to you when you’re drunk?

A. When I get drunk I get really happy and become really chatty!

Q34. When you were a student, what were your favourite and worst subjects?

A. Sports in the summer and chemistry in the winter.  Because it’s too cold to do sports in the winter, right?  Chemistry was fun when you could do the calculations and get the right answer.

Q35. What song do you sing every time you go to karaoke?

A. That has to be “青春アミーゴ (Seishun Amigo)”!  My friends request it a lot.

Q36. Speaking of “Seishun Amigo”, could you tell us about your new album “SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD”!

A. I recommend listening to the whole thing to begin with.  There are songs covering a range of genres so have a listen.  I love all of the songs on the album.  I put 100 per cent of my effort into it so I feel like I deserve a ‘good job prize’ but that doesn’t mean to say that it’s perfect.  But I put my feelings into it so I hope I’ve been able to convey that message to my fans.  I’d be really happy if they do feel it!

Q37. Tell us about “TOMOHISA YAMASHITA WORLD TOUR 2011″!

A. I think it’s very flash and is high quality entertainment.  We’ve made slight changes to the show in every country but I hope I can deliver something for the better to everyone.  I’m going to study languages enough so that I can at least say my introduction in each country’s native language.  Please look forward to it!

Q38. What’s the wallpaper on your mobile phone?

A. I…can’t tell you (laughs).

Q39. What’s your ringtone?

A. Ring ring ring.  I’m not really fussy with that (laughs).

Q40. Do you make more calls or text messages?

A. Both!  I call and text my guy friends.  Not consistently though…

Q41. Do you have a large circle of friends who you’re not so close with?  Or do you have a small circle of friends who you’re really close with?

A. A small circle of really close friends.  Although I don’t have many people I’d call my best friend.

Q42. What was your dream when you were a boy?

A. I wanted to be an astronaut!

Q43. If you weren’t doing this job, what would you have been?

A. Astronaut or a NEET.  They’re polar opposites aren’t they (laughs).

Q44. In your life so far, when did you switch jobs?

A. When I was 11.  Definitely the time I joined Johnny’s.

Q45. What will you be doing in 10 years time?

A. 35-years-old.  I hope I would’ve levelled up by then in work and as a man…

Q46. One day you suddenly find yourself 1 million yen richer.  What do you spend it on?

A. Spend it at a really nice sushi restaurant!  Make it an eat all you want and drink all you want event…but if everyone ate and drank, the money would disappear quickly eh (laughs).

Q47.  If you were to re-start life again, what would you be?

A. “I want to be a shellfish” (laughs).

Q48. Tell us about “Ashita no Joe”!

A. So Joe is Tohru Rikiishi’s eternal rival, but I think it’s good that their rivals.  They’re working towards the same goals, and even rivals can be friends at times.  I hope people can feel a lot of different things while watching this.  I want people to see how Joe takes life head on, no matter how many times he gets punched down, he never gives up.  It shows you the importance of never giving up and how a person can get stronger knowing that they have someone special.

Q49. And who is special to Yamapi?

A. My friends and my family.  They just have to be my number one.

Q50. Lastly, a message to your fans please!

A. I am grateful for the support you always give me!  It’s because there are people out there who support me that I’m here at all.  I’ve been thinking lately that I’m here to cheer people on.  Sometimes I get people crying when they see me, they say it’s because they’re happy to have met me.  Fans like that only motivate me to work harder.  Do what I can do with all of my energy!  I’m not sure how that’ll work in 20 or 50 years though (laughs).  I put everything I have into work every day.  That’s all I am but I hope you will all continue to support me, thank you!

This is such a cute interview, I really wish Yamapi all the best on this solo venture *_*

Source/Translation Credit: momoedgewood@wordpress
Tags: member: kamenashi kazuya, news member: yamashita tomohisa, shuuji to akira, translation

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy 2018 <3

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