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chibi years

PiKameNo - I think everyone was having a bad hair day... well except Kame of course (hehehe)

Oh I haven't been following Pi lately (blames Shige) but I did enjoy his cute & funny chibi days... and then there's chibi Kame - looking intense and mischievous at the same time... I love his hair like this, black, long and pulled in a ponytail - one thing I miss about the 'skinny' Kame - is his striking/sharp facial features... and then there's Junno wearing a suit standing to the side in the back like Kame's bodyguard - I must say I LOL-ed, it's not everyday Junno has a bad hair day - but he was still an adorable cutie! *-* 

Happy Thursday!

Based on an earlier discussion, I believe this photo was taken at their 'Coming of Age Ceremony' back in 2006 around the period of NWP.

Photo credit: I either don't know or can't remember >.< *forgive me owner*
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