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Fan Drabbles; Idols versus Fairy tales!!!

So yesterday my friend brought me good news.. it was too super good to be true (well obviously) *_* here's what she messaged me:-

 Hey, I dreamt about you lastnight... You and one of those Kattun guys got married :-)))))
Me: LOL really?????? wow I'm sooo happy *_* Which one? Can you describe him?? LOL
Rica: hahahaha.... awww. You kinda came in to my workplace and introduced him... I don't know which one.... but this morning when I woke up, I went to the music you sent me on the phone LOL
Me: Which song did I send you again? I'm sure you like it :) Awwww I'm in heaven now.... I hope it's Kame *_* wow that would be a dream come thru/true!!!!!!!!!
Rica: LOL... hahahaha. I think the song was labelled "Smile"
Me: OH yes I luv that song... without understanding a word it's mello right? and Kame was on top of things in that..... one day I'll send you a video of them.... Kame is now by BB profile pic look at him!!!!..... look at him!!!!... he plays baseball too ^_^ *Love*
Rica: LOL... Ok cool.. oh yeah he looks good... your boo :)))))

So the above conversation got me thinking, "WOW, things are really bad if my friend who knows nothing of Kame or kattun or jpop for that matter (except for what I tell her) dreams of me marrying a kattun member"!
But then again, it's not really my fault, we grew up on fairy tales.... so every chic at some point in time dreams of her Cinderella Story until teen years and reality hits that neither Cinderella nor the handsome Prince Charming ever existed.... So I guess this is where idols come in, we re-channel our fantasies to evolve around real people.... I for one have been changing my Prince Charming over the years but for now I'm fixated on Kamenashi Kazuya (the young version) and Johnny Depp (older version).... the irresistible charm of these two men gives me butterflies *_*

Now, although we know it's just a dream or wishful thinking we still convince ourselves that we were meant for them and vice versa because with all our stalking we've discovered and convinced ourselves that we would be perfect together and should the day we miraculously meet our Idol..... together, we'll live happily ever after! But hey, although the chances are as good as never, look at the bright side, that at least they are real people ne  *_*
And this is where all our problems and at the same time our preoccupied happiness start... the obsession... the real life dreams... day dreams... the sleepless nights and the unproductive days due to cyber stalking.... it's like an unrequited love story *_* ( don't ask me why I'm smiling but it's a funny scenario)....
But all in all, every girl has the right to dream and personally I find fan-girling to be very healthy... you meet people who share your crazy fantasies, you promote your favourite idols, you become creative in the arts and fanfics, you pass time, you relieve the stresses of the real world and more importantly you get to create your own fairy tale, your own Cinderella Story ne *_*

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