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Let's Soup Fight with KAT-TUN!

OMG! I laughed so hard when watching these few seconds of utter chaos and silliness!

This must have been the best soup fight ever! and I must have watched it 10+ times and cracked up even harder!

Edit to say, I believe Kame was out for revenge after having his kiss stolen: Kame - :
  • Poured hot soup on Nakamaru
  • Slapped Uepi in his head
  • Shove Junno into the tub of hot water: and
  • I guess Koki was spared because his kiss was stolen too >.<

Fr: 20120101 - 'KAT-TUN's Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru ni!

Tags: fangirl-ing, kat-tun, picspams

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