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JunDa Day [4] 'Colour Me Blonde'

from: Potato-2004.10

Tatchan updated his manual on 20111220. His delema this time is deciding on whether to go blonde... and so he visited the salon. Anyway, while at the salon he does what he has been doing since shaving his head: he asked the girls around for their opinion...

But why would Tatsuya want to go blonde again?

I'm thinking that maybe he suddenly recalls this 2004 Potato mag shoot *above* or probably he got a sudden flashback of his and Taguchi's cross talk in the 2011.09 Duet:

Taguchi: Uepi back then seemed to be really eccentric. Your fashion, as well as your hair style and the blond hair... But I recently often think that Uepi is serious at heart!!

Ueda: Eh, me? (blushes)

*-*..... and then he realises that he misses Junno's pampering and wants him to playfully groom his hair again like in the 2004 photo above - just a hunch (lol) *I love my delusional self*

- JunDa Rabu ♥♥♥♥♥
Anyway, too bad the girls at the salon told him "there's no need to grow his hair long: his current hairstyle looks good and manly the way it is" and so Tatsuya ended up leaving without getting anything done >_<

Thanks to CrystalRei_ (twitter), for the manual update ^^ 
Thanks to kotoba-odori for the Duet 2011.09 trans ^^
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