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KZM Episode Finale 20111220

It's over - sad, ain't? no more adorable silliness, no more KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetakunaru >_<
The finale was really special - the rolling challenge was so funny and Taguchi's corner was as lively and expecting as ever... Tatchan proved powered up and super fit as well... Yuichi is forever stuck with his 'quiz corner', Koki and his weird 'world record challenges and undies' and Kame, of course, always killing us with his charm - food, flowers and smiles *-*



The cutest reindeer amongst mankind
Oh I shall miss his many adorable expressions - case in point *points above*

Junno truly is adorable and his short messy hair is KYAAAA!!!! Adorable
And what's life without the 'Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi' Game?!

I'll surely miss Koki in his tights and undies ^-^ not to mention is many 'manetakunai' lol
Actually, ever since he did his 'tea making challenge', I've been using that method to make tea... it really works *-*

Tatchan! So happy we saw less of his wig as the episodes progressed ^^ - his short spikes is lovely and did you guys see his amazing eye make up in ep. 9 when he went shopping for Junno's bday present with Koki?!
... and speaking of Junno, do you see Junno in the background of this screencap checking Tatchan out >_<
JunDa Rabu

Yuichi - I already miss his 'heart' hunts, bridge crossings and his ever epic roller coaster rides *-*
If anything, Yuichi was the only one with real as in sensible challenges hehehe

I really miss this silly bangumi - KAT-TUN no Zettai Manetakunaru - but I'm already looking forward to the new bangumi next month!

(c) on screencaps: Мне нравится

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