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17 January 2011 @ 07:58 pm
More Arashi CMs for “NINTENDO 3DS”  

For my LOVE for MatsuJun I just had to post this CM for “NINTENDO 3DS” CM’s starring the Arashi members,
Of course, my reaction to Jun was that of a crazy fan girl... he's just so kawai when he smiles I have to smile!

CM Below with each member showing natural reactions while playing the “NINTENDO 3DS.”  

previous version


newer version

MatsuJun is also an endorser of cosmetic brand “Fasio” recently, and a new CM for their new product, “Curl-lock” (mascara), has started airing.

In Fasio’s CMs, Matsumoto plays as “Matsugeya-san”, a person who makes girls’ eyelashes pretty.

Check out the new CM “Kurun to Shunkan ‘Curl-lock’” here!


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