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Iriguchi Deguchi, Taguchi Desu !

... because as much as we at times fail to admit it .... we expect him to say it... we await him to do it... and if he doesn't, we silently sigh in disappointment... but when that moment comes and he fans those animated hands of his, and flashes his contagious sombrero smile and proudly makes his entrance and exit... we either roll our eyes with a smile... or we might whisper 'baka' with a smile... or we just simply grin and laugh out loud at his adorable silliness... because the truth is, we love our Iriguchi Deguchi, Bouncy Ever Happy Taguchi Junnosuke... we've become confident that over the years he hasn't change... and we all wish that he never will... Because we want our Junno to be Junno after all!
So Junno,for being You...
for only You will do for KAT-TUN, and I Forever Adore You!!!

Junno's birthday fics are here: part 1 . part 2 . part 3 . part 4*
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