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Sundays with Kuya~

Beautiful Kuya Moments~
Ueda Tatsuya is Kuya in Runaway~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni


One of the rare moments when Kuya actually looks like Ueda... you know....
sensible... otherwisewise he's a complete BAKA !

Oh with the lighting I find this capture to be very beautiful... it's the expression in his face...
Ep. 3 being Kuya-centric was very intense...
he really is a good actor, so he didn't shave head for nothing >.<
... Proud of Tatsuya!

... and Kuya is Tatsuya after all.... the lips of the escaped convict are as glossy and attractive as Junno would want them >.<
sorry just had to say that!

(c.) for reikochan for this photo
But really, he's a beautiful man indeed... even his eyebrows are still well defined...
although his glossy lips got smudged a little...
I guess he was hurrying to do it before the escape ><

Love these smiles... and there are endless moments of these in Runaway....
Kuya really lightens the atmosphere.

I laughed so hard watching this scene... as Sakura puts it... BAKA!

So far with all the ups and downs and different places they have been... I think the crew had fun filming this series and the landscapes are most beautiful.... makes you want to swim to Japan if possible...

This scene was most touching and even Kuya added to the mushy moment...
love him in that jacket and tam hat.... and him standing next to a motor bike... gives the imagination a ride...

Kuya... he's very much necessary in Runaway~

Runaway and Youkai Ningen Bemu has so really nice Sunsets...
it gives off this relaxing feeling, which is most welcome on a Sunday afternoon.
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