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[2011.12 Duet & Wink Up picspam] Sundays with KAT-TUN

Sundays with KAT-TUN... - I'll post the actual scans when I get them...


2011.12 Wink UP

Why do I feel intimidated looking at this photo of Koki? It's a good feeling though...
and I wonder what the guys got him for his birthday >.<

Is Kame's hair black? I still think Kame's neck is most appetizing!

Bouzo Ueda has sexiness printed all over him.... and his defined facial structures... delectable !

I was reading the 2011.12 Duet and well Maru's favourite body part is his neck because it's long... I'll use slender... looking at this photo, I think he's on to something... I much more prefer his slender neck than he long fingers *-*

It's something I've thought about before: what would the angry or vexed Taguchi look like? I remember in one of his talks, he admitted to being angry at times (most naturally of course) but he would contain himself... Point: I think the angry Taguchi is intimidating and scary... I guess this is the mystery Ueda loves about him *-* sorry just had to throw in the JunDa bits *-*

Loving KAT-TUN EVERY single day I breathe...


2011.12 Duet

Koki's favourite part of Ueda is his bald head because it feels good... I can only imagine such a tender touch *-*

... And I'm loving Junno's sweater... the colour suits him and it looks really warm and very Taguchi like...
and unrelated but I'm thinking he likes to touch Tatchan's head as well hehe *JunDa*

Kame: makes my heart go doki doki every time... and the more he hides is the more I want to know more about him... looking at his hair covering half his face... I love it, but now I also want to see all of him... it's the same when he updates his j-webs... they are usually so short yet spicy... they leave me hanging wishing for more...

Maru, my playful geek hehehe I'm amazed at just how much of a geek he is, but become very playful when dragged into Kame's and Koki's antics...he's a beautiful character... inside out!

Another intimidated photo of Koki-kun... is it the look in his eyes or is it the way he's slightly pouting? I do love it... it's amazing how these guys have all grown on me *-*

The playful Guchi will be playful after all... I always love his innocent smiles *-*

...and I'm watching this pic and smiling like a fool.. I can't help it with Kame... he's just Bemu ! hehe

and here he is again... Ueda in every sexy sense... and without his hair covering his face, his lips are most attractive... by the way, I love his new necklace... >.<

The wonderful nerd in action again.... in the smaller pics, I bet he's explaining something to some one hehehe love it ... also loved how Ueda "shut" him and Koki up when they had taken over his time explaining about the crab to the judges/guests on the last KZM hehe
Member Ai is wonderful !

Awww, Koki kun... he has one of the most genuine smiles ever... the popular wrinkle eyes and the long vein running across his forehead... hearty and attractive

Happy Sunday or as I'm sure Kame would say, have yourselves a Youkai Week !

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