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Weekly Spoilers / Updates : Runaway & KZM

This post is EXCLUSIVELY made for mrstaguchi100's Summaries of Runaway and KZM....
I think she got cornered by my weekly pestering begging her for summaries until subs get out {giggle}...
Anyway, I figured it would be kool if others could benefit and being the darling she is, she opted to do this for me {us}
I'll try and organise it for weekly updates and everyone is welcome to join in the flail~

Here's how this will work:
  1. This is a REPLY ONLY post. This means only mrstaguchi100should start a new Comment/Thread and everyone comments or replies to that comment or thread of interest. This should keep discussions in order.
  2. This post will remain post dated until each series ends or until she leaves Japan >.<. With that said, I'll not be making any entries alerting you of any updates. This translate to, you'll need to check it on your own accord to read the updates.
  3. If you want to repost, PLEASE seek permission from mrstaguchi100, unless stated otherwise.
  4. This is easy..... so don't make it complicated... but if you're confused send her or myself a PM ^^

Let's have some fun ne >.< <3

KAT-TUN Zettai Manetakunaru gif: art_of_clarity
runaway gif: flipangel_88
Tags: drama, kat-tun, member: ueda tatsuya, tv shows

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