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[picspam] sunday with kattun & marching j

Copper wig aside, LoL at Tatchan's shirt... I love it !
... and so does everyone else breaking necks to take a peek *-*...


I'm being amused by Kame's stare at Maru hehehe... Junno and his super beam per usual...

I do miss Blonde Koki but this style also suits him...

My ever seductive Turtle-chan :- yesterday in class we were learning Kanji of popular surnames and I being me was like "Sensei, Kamenashi" and she was like, "Oh, Turtle" ehehe

He looks so warm and cozy here... winter in Kame land must be as warm and comfy like the fire place on Christmas Day >.<

... and here goes the stare again... Oh Maru, you lucky bastard !

Awwwww... my JunDa duo... I'm still not a fan of Ueda's wig but it suits him here and his chosen attire helps the cause I guess...

Close ups... oh for a second there, I thought Maru and Junno were wearing the 'same' shirt *-* love and is loving kat-tun *-*


KAT-TUN in Marching J Clip
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