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... and I want a slice of [...]

... And it seems like Ueda celebrated his 28th birthday with his Runaway co-stars :-) LoL at the cake with a picture of him sporting his bald head ~kawaii~ and I want a slice >.<

Judging from recent magazines and their appearance on the 2011.10.01 All Stars Kanshasai Geinoukai SP, the four (4) seem really close... and I'm loving their close knit cheerful spirit !

btw, I'm also loving how Tatchan is rocking his 'precious' hat (whether with copper locks or all bouzo~ Kawaii :)

- 1st pic from a newspaper I know not the name of
- 2nd pic from 2011.11 myojo
Tags: fangirl-ing, member: ueda tatsuya, randoms

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