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kissing, hugging, eating & cosplaying : - fandom has it all!

This evening, I came across the headline, "Kissing Photos between L’Arc~en~Ciel Members", and immediately I was like "damn, I wish they were of JunDa", though my brain would have probably exploded with pink fluffy happiness by now. (no kidding).

The tabloid further went on to speculate if "the kiss is proof of affection, or a symbol of devotion" and I giggled at this thinking of the all the probabilities.

Minutes later I came across Koki's Ol'e #46.

Apparently, Koki finds Kame "too cute! [he] wants to eat him up!" - his exact words. Koki then went on to wonder if he's gay but then dismissed this possibility by saying he's not but rather very happy and that hugging Kame would be satisfactory. So, can we therefore speculate his needing to eat or hug Kame as "proof of [his] affection, or a symbol of devotion"? Personally, I think either works!

The root of his professed affection came from a phone call from a drunken Kame telling him that he's drinking the sake he [koki] got him and he only felt it was right to call his 'friend' [Koki], who got it for him before he drank it.... the thing is, by the time he got around to calling Koki, Kame had already gulped down the liquor but nonetheless called to thank him and apologize. [how cute.. another reason why Kame is forever special to me]

Anyhow, those of us who have had our laughs with Kokame may agree that we sometimes see this kokame thing one sided… more so when Maru is involved. It just seems sometimes that Kame is more about getting Maru’s attention while Koki seems all pouty on the sideline… I for one love the TaNaKame trio for this ‘love triangle’, as a matter of fact, I prefer the trio than just Kokame or Nakame… just for the kicks of it… their bromance is hilarious.

Then later in the Ole Koki was like, “It’s all a one-way communication so I really want to flirt with everyone too” {he had shifted topic and now talking to/about fan} but still I had to giggle.

And then Kame’s latest Maquia issue struck me… the topic of his discussion was ‘communication’. It seems like he wants to approach communication with everyone and anyone head on… and well it’s expected… we all know how Kame is >.<

Anyway, since we are on the topic of communication, Junno has his own way of communicating with Ueda (of course I would never forget my Beloved JuNDa). In his last “Junnosuke Taguchi’s Talks – Vol. 2”, a fan asked him what cosplay he would want members to wear…. Here are his choices:

Kame – Momotarou
Junno - Rainbow trout
Koki - Maeda Keiji
Ue - An image doesn't come to mind, so here I'll consult with Tegoshi.
Naka – Policeman

Putting aside that Junno’s new name for Ueda is now ‘Ue’ [hehehe], after confirmation; there’s only one reason Junno would need to consult with Tegoshi… and it can only be that he wants Ueda to cosplay as a girl and “OMG, my heart exploded with pink JunDa Fluffiness”.

Demo… {giggles} judging from the date of this serial (2011.08.14), I’m guessing Junno never saw Runaway nor Bouzu Ueda coming LoL

I swear, Japanese fandom will be the end of me!

OH, by the way, “It turns out that these photos of L’Arc~en~Ciel members kissing were all planned and published as the promotion for the band’s latest single, “XXX“, which was released on October 12th”.

L’Arc~en~Ciel – I like their ways!

Anyway, all this is written because someone is procrastinating from studying for an exam she has in less than 1 week...

... And guess who's gonna go watch Naruto now? >.<

20110814 Junnosuke Taguchi’s Talks – Vol. 2 :- krysyuy
Maquia Vol 10 :- iside89
Ol'e #46 :- 15eightytwo.tumblr
L’Arc~en~Ciel :- tokyohive
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