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Happy 28th Birthday Tatchan !

Truth be told, even though I discovered KAT-TUN through Kame, Ueda's 'Rabbit or Wolf' was the song that made me interested in the group's musical talent. I remember the first time I heard it, I was listening to the 'No More Pain' Album and I was like, "wow, this dude is good"... and at first discovery I had this one song on replay for hours, then later I discovered his other solos, and they were just as alive... and free, with a deep hidden meaning... and I guess we all can agree that Ueda expresses himself through his music... through his songs, you can understand a bit of his heart and soul... Ueda Tatsuya has a personality that runs deep... and it's his silent presence that is his personal charm!

- I'm so happy you are a member of KAT-TUN ! 

And because it's the birthday of the sexiest fairy there is, I'll share these scans of his Romeo and Juliet stage play,

::: Enjoy


Title: Ueda Tatsuya Pamphlet - Romeo & Juliet
Password: #uebouzu28
Download: MF

* if you download / link back / or whatever, then at least wish the fairy prince HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
Tags: fangirl-ing, member: ueda tatsuya, shop/pamphlets/booklets

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