kissmegreen (Lyan) (kissmegreen) wrote,
kissmegreen (Lyan)

the day kattun demanded attention lol

I'm missing me some KAT-TUN so I decided to watch some 'old' vids, then I realised this bit:

The Hosts were playing silly entertaining the crowd with their usual antics...


Kame: mitte kudasai... mitte kudasai... mitte kudasai... mitte kudasai... mitte kudasai [please look]

Yes! 5 times he said it... how did I miss this? {giggle}

How dare them turn their backs to KAT-TUN {LoL} - I really laughed at them!

from: 20110718. Run For You - Talk (HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ)
Tags: fangirl-ing, kat-tun, picspams

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