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Right, let's get started.... ◕‿◕✿

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Let's become friends if we can *-*

legally blonde Kame !

Seasons change and quite literally, Kame did too!

Maybe yesterday or the day before someone posted on twitter this very low quality photo (above) saying the blond hair guy was Kame... yes, the blonde was very obvious but judging if it was Kame was rather difficult...

Okay... I was thinking the jawline resembles Kame but wasn't that over the top thinking? lol

Anyway, back to Kame taking the change of season quite literally!

Today he posted this tuff of blonde hair! Hushed face

A Kame from 5 or 6 years ago was easy to imagine blonde but now, I find it hard.. nonetheless, I really look forward to it and whatever new project he's working on <3 Smiling face

It's a recap but !

2021.10.08  KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン  / KAT-TUN no Shokuho Gettun

A pure recap of Kame's clam catching, Nakamaru's corn picking, and Ueda's chicken.. well he didn't really catch it lol

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I would've liked an actual autumn special i.e. new eps but beggars can't be choosers I guess lol

KAT-TUN goofing around lol

2021.09.29 #6.5 Nani Suru KAT-TUN

I like this brief recap of them watching themselves and seeing how goofy they are at times lol
I think Kame really enjoyed further goofing around with the fluffy crab and the ugly mask lol as Nakamaru said, when he's in the zone he's in the zone XD

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May they always be happy together <3

Nakamaru vs eels saga

2021.09.30 KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン  / KAT-TUN no Shokuho Gettun

Another week of Nakamaru fighting with eels lol He really worked hard this tabi .

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And these candid pics I just love !

This watermelon pic

Nakamaru looks so cute here <3

And Ueda with his grandparent lol they really look grandparents doting on their grandkid lol

And this one of happy Kame XD

Things are finally getting interesting ;)

Nakamaru vs eels

2021.09.23 KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン  / KAT-TUN no Shokuho Gettun

Nakamaru playing hide and seek with eels and Ueda in love with cucumbers lol And the way he's eating so happily makes the host/hostess look at him fondly like they're watching their grandson.. yes, not son but grandson because Ueda's reaction is like cute child's lol

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Next episode seems to be more eel and I guess more of Kame being cute with potatoes XD

cucumber is good for the skin

2021.09.16 KAT-TUNの食宝ゲッットゥーン  / KAT-TUN no Shokuho Gettun

Kame once again shopping longer than he should lol
And Ueda and those cucumbers.. I eat cucumbers regularly because they're healthy but I can't recall a time I found them delicious.. yes, I like cucumber juice and I like fresh cucumber with some salt but no one would get me dying over it like Ueda... then they added the miso dip and I found my mouth watering lol Ueda's stomach doesn't lie lol

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And then

Kame: Nakamaru, you didn't show up at all huh
Nakamaru: not at all lol
K: what's your trip this time again?
N: eel

lol he'll get his turn next turn week ! XD