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Let's become friends if we can *-*

Nakamaru got his fish and Ueda buying sweets for the gang lol


This episode is really about Nakamaru regulating his reaction to eating his catch and Ueda buying sweets for his team, the taxi driver and the folks who'd be helping him with his adventure... also Ueda patting the baby's head... he's so soft!!! There's really this gap in how he looks (like an expensive yankee) and his actions lol but for real, even the way he speaks... it might seem direct and rude but his tone is so soft and kind... I love how the old lady and him started talking to each other like they're friends even Kame is like huh? lol

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Nakamaru goes fishing, Ueda finds himself an ojisan fan lol


I've come to the conclusion that  pissed off Nakamaru is scarier than Ueda and Kame and I find that cute and funny lol
I felt bad for him though... he had to wake up so early and travel so far but for this sort of trip, the time was too tight. I hope next time these directors will do a better job... trip quality-wise as well as edit-wise... I feel like as soon as I start watching the episode ends ><'

Anyhow, I shouldn't complain... !

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Nakamaru sleeping on a boat


I've concluded that 30 mins (which include the ads) is not enough pull off this format this programme will use. Sure they're in studio together but as for the hunt, it's a lot of cut and paste... as soon as you're getting ino a scene, it shifts to another then you forget what you were watching before... maybe it will take some time to get used to..

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Nakamaru shopping and Fruit cutting ;)

2021.04.17 King's Brunch (Ousama no Brunch) Nakamaru

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I also love that he finally got his pairs of coloured sneakers since he always buys dark ones.. reminds me of a pair of shocking lime green sneakers my sister gave me... I must've worned it twice before tucking it in the shoes closet lol

And I just love how straight Nakamaru is on tv programmes... it's very different from Ueda's and Kame's atmosphere... I feel people don't know what to expect from Ueda and Nakamaru but with Kame they already have that preconceived image of him being Mr Sexy and  a big shot celebrity so I love when he shows them other sides of him XD

Anyhow, it's nice seeing them out there promoting GETTUN <3